Unlock the potential of your business in the energy industry by accessing an all-inclusive approach to success so you can do more with less and maximize your efficiency.


Leveraging leading-edge technologies, we deliver a comprehensive portfolio of services to meet the ever-changing needs of businesses in the energy sector.


Navigating the complexities of this sector requires commitment and dedication from a partner who can provide the experience, knowledge, and resources needed to help you succeed.


Transforming the Offshore Energy Industry

At ZMI Holdings, an ADNOC Logistics & Services company, we offer an unparalleled commitment to help organizations transition into energy businesses via our Innovative, Comprehensive, and Reliable solutions.

Reducing the Environmental Impact

We firmly believe that the industry will benefit significantly from having an integrated provider of offshore support solutions to optimize its production costs and reduce its environmental impact supporting the global initiative of the Net Zero coalition.


Innovative, comprehensive, and reliable solutions

01     Planning and execution
Planning and execution

At ZMI Holdings, an ADNOC Logistics & Services company, we understand the importance of planning and execution in the energy industry. Our experienced professionals ensure that project plans are thoroughly developed and executed on a timely basis.

We utilize sophisticated software systems to create detailed plans that consider all aspects of the project, such as budget, timeline, quality assurance requirements, and safety considerations.

We then monitor the project's progress, ensuring that all tasks are delivered on schedule, avoid mistakes, and minimize delays. Our meticulous planning and execution process ensures that our clients receive the best possible outcomes for their projects.

02     Expert crew placement
Expert crew placement

We have decades of experience in providing our clients with expert crew placement in the energy industry. Our experienced team of professionals are committed to finding the best possible marine crew for a particular job while taking into consideration your budget and timeline.

We understand that the right certified personnel will make all the difference when it comes to successful operations in energy  production.

With us, you can rest assured that your operations run smoothly and efficiently, by safely leaving the challenges of crew placement in our confident hands.

03     Diversified and Modular fleet
Diversified and Modular fleet

ZMI Holding, offers a diversified and modular fleet that provides the energy industry with efficient solutions for both exploration and production operations.

Our fleet of Jack-Up Barges, Offshore supply vessels, and support systems are designed to meet the specific needs of each project, enabling the company to provide tailored solutions for local conditions.

By having a diverse range of equipment, the team can quickly and effectively deploy a successful solution for every project. This ensures maximum efficiency, cost savings, and helps with energy transition initiatives.

04     Supply base and equipment
Supply base and Equipment

With our comprehensive range of solutions, Energy companies benefit from increased safety, improved accuracy, faster turnarounds, and flexibility in meeting their operational needs.

With a wide variety of offshore resources, our customers have access to essential equipment and services quickly and reliably, minimizing downtime and maximizing operational performance.

We also provide comprehensive maintenance services to extend the life of our client’s assets, making them safer and more productive in their operations.

Ensuring Sustainable Operations Across Businesses

Eliminate the Need for Third-Party Services

We partner with our customers to

Increase efficiencies

As experts in offshore support solutions, we can help our customers gain critical insights into the latest technologies being used in the industry. This enables them to create innovative solutions that improve their business performance.

Optimize productivity

We provide strategic insights and guidance to help them make informed decisions that lead to improved business results. We understand the risks associated with managing offshore services and have developed proven strategies to minimize the potential for disruption.

Reduce environmental impact

Our goal is to shift towards greater energy efficiency and more advanced technology, to ensure that all operations are executed in an environmentally friendly manner, as well as adhering to all relevant regulations on emissions reduction and waste management.

This helps our customers achieve sustainability goals and make a positive contribution to society.

Prioritize crew welfare

We provide comprehensive health and safety training, as well as access to onboard medical facilities so that crews can be assured that they are in safe hands. We strive to ensure that every customer is satisfied with our services and have a positive experience working with us.

Our Fleet & Capabilities

Self-Propelled Jack-Up Barges

Our Self-Propelled Jack-Up Barges provide a stable platform for the delivery of a wide range of services and solutions to support our customers offshore including, but not limited to

Greenfield Construction – installation, hook-up and commissioning of offshore production platforms and associated infrastructure.

Brownfield maintenance – upgrading existing infrastructure, extending offshore asset life and integrity.

Rigless Well Intervention – both enhancing and sustaining production rates via a variety of techniques without the use of Jack-up drilling rigs.

P&A / Decommissioning – Well abandonment, and subsequent shut-in and removal of offshore assets requiring dismantling in-situ.

Pure play Accommodation – provision of dedicated, high quality mobile accommodation support services typically in combination with the services listed above.

Dynamic Positioning Offshore Support Vessels

We offer a wide range of services via our fleet of dynamically positioned (DP) Offshore Support Vessels, manned by experienced crews who specialize in providing the following offshore support services

Platform Supply provision – PSVs used to re-supply existing production platforms with dry and liquid consumables as well as to support other offshore drilling assets.

Greenfield EPCI project work – above-water (topside) hook up and commissioning / modification.

Subsea Construction – Pipe lay, Cable Lay, Tie-Ins, Crossings Installation/free span correction, Risers/clamps/Boat landings.

Subsea (IRM) – Inspection, Repair, Maintenance of subsea pipelines, infrastructure and cable pipeline hydrotesting.

Diving / ROV support – saturation and/or air diving services, supporting construction and maintenance offshore in water depths less than 250m.

Anchor Handling / Towing – towing, handling & delivery of larger infrastructure such as offshore drilling rigs, supply barges and floating production platforms.

Other specialist marine services – Utility, multi-purpose and geotechnical survey support vessels, salvage support, as well as full turnkey solutions for all support services listed above.

Offshore Renewable Energy

We offer a comprehensive range of services to support the engineering, installation, commissioning, and maintenance needs for Offshore Wind Farm (OWF) development and operation.

Transport and Installation (T&I) – transportation and installation of wind turbines and ancillary components offshore via our fleet of versatile Jack-up Barges.

Construction – provision of large POB accommodation and crane support for HVDC / offshore substation (OSS) commissioning.

Operation and Maintenance (O&M) – provision of accommodation and lifting services to support heavy workover of Wind Turbine Generators focusing on gearbox and blade changeout.

Geotechnical Investigation – a critical aspect involving the use of Monohull vessels and Jack-up Barges equipped with derricks to conduct boreholes as well as CPTs for lighter coring scopes.


Optimize Your Offshore Energy Production

Steps to receive unparalleled support


01. Explore our Fleet

Explore our Fleet

Explore our vast selection of Offshore Support vessels designed specifically with the Energy Industry in mind. Our expansive range of assets are capable of performing a variety of tasks, from subsea operations to platform support ensuring our vessels meet the highest standards in terms of safety, quality, performance and service.


02. Harness the Power of our Services

Harness the Power of our Services

Unlock new levels of success for your Offshore Marine Support solutions in the oil & gas industry. With our dedicated team of experienced professionals, we have the expertise, knowledge and resources to provide robust and cost-effective solutions that can help you reduce costs, increase efficiencies and ensure safety compliance.


03. Transition to an Energy Business

Transition to an Energy Business

With our integrated, comprehensive, and reliable services, energy companies can transition to an energy business quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. Our experienced professionals will provide deep insights into industry trends to develop strategies that can help organizations become sustainable in their operations.

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