Unlock the potential of your business in the energy industry by accessing an all-inclusive approach to success so you can do more with less and maximize your efficiency.


Leveraging leading-edge technologies, we deliver a comprehensive portfolio of services to meet the ever-changing needs of businesses in the energy sector.


Navigating the complexities of this sector requires commitment and dedication from a partner who can provide the experience, knowledge, and resources needed to help you succeed.


An integrated service provider offering unparalleled commitment

At ZMI Holdings we know that the energy industry is under pressure to operate sustainably to offset the environmental impact.

We understand that the industry will benefit significantly from having an integrated provider of offshore support solutions to optimize its production costs.

We offer an unparalleled commitment to helping energy companies transition into energy businesses through Innovative, Comprehensive, and Reliable offshore solutions to support the global initiative of the Net Zero Coalition.

CEO's Message

Ali El Ali

Ali El Ali - CEO ZMI Holdings
Ali El Ali - CEO ZMI Holdings

ZMI was established in 1984 and has evolved from an OSV owner and operator to one of the largest players in the GCC and Asia with a diversified best-in-class fleet of 23 Jack-up barges and 38 DP-2 & Conventional OSVs. We have the world’s largest fleet of self-propelled, self-elevating, jack-up barges which are versatile, young, and have a range of water depth capabilities. This is supported by our strong operational capabilities and has resulted in long-term relationships with our clients and best-in-class fleet utilisation.

We are a one-stop, full-service provider with exposure to the entire Oil & Gas lifecycle and are uniquely positioned to penetrate other markets thanks to our highly customizable and diversified fleet. As can be demonstrated with our recent foray into the rapidly growing offshore Asian wind farm market, we can proudly say today that we are on track to become a complete energy player. This illustrates our ability to identify and execute opportunities with strong long-term value creation beyond our core GCC market and serves as an entry point into the fast-expanding global Renewables market as a whole.

Through strong customer relationships, using proprietary insight to adapt to our customers’ evolving offshore solutions needs, we have grown to be the largest niche player in the region and globally. This is evidenced by our diversified, blue-chip client base of leading NOCs, IOCs, and EPC players, reinforced by long-term relationships, and a highly utilized fleet.

We employ a diverse and growing team of 1,700+ talented and experienced industry specialists across the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and China to deliver value in partnership with our customers. Furthermore, protecting our environment with industry best practices and maintaining asset integrity are top priorities for our employees.

Post acquisition by ADNOC L&S, our position is now strengthened as the global leader of the largest active fleet of offshore Jack-up barges and Offshore support vessels. We will now not only cover the entire offshore marine services value chain but also continue to explore new avenues of growth in other geographies and markets, with a focus on offshore renewables.

Leadership Team

Ali-El-Ali - CEO ZMI Holdings
Rui Gomes
Mark Damian Harvey
Wadih Zahran
Mohammad Kardouh
Mohammed Ajjan
Aditya Kaushik
Capt. Nasir Mehmood - Director SHEQ
Saad Kawaf Kalla - HR Director
Sary Latch
Khaled Karrar
Kaushik Chatterjee

Our Heritage

Four decades of offshore marine support

Our Heritage

Offshore activity has been an integral part of the United Arab Emirates’ culture since ancient times. One of the most significant offshore activities was pearl diving, which helped establish many cities within the country. Pearl diving required specialized equipment and dhows to extract pearls from the sea, and the crew comprised of several specialists such as divers, “sardals”, and “nukhadahs”. Over time, this tradition evolved to support the offshore industry, and today, the country boasts of highly advanced offshore support vessels (OSVs) that cater to the needs of the industry.

Our Heritage

Founder’s Message

Hassan El Ali

“Throughout my journey with Zakher Marine International, I set sail with a vision in mind: to revolutionize the marine services industry and leave an enduring legacy on the global stage. As the founder and former Executive Chairman of ZMI, I am immensely proud of the tremendous growth we achieved together.

Under my leadership, ZMI rose to unparalleled heights, emerging as the unrivalled leader in jack-up barges worldwide. We spread our wings across the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and China, providing top-notch offshore support vessels (OSVs) and an array of marine services to the esteemed energy industry.

In 2022, ADNOC L&S recognized the prowess of Zakher Marine International, leading to its acquisition and subsequent transformation into a wholly owned subsidiary of ADNOC L&S. Today, I stand as one of ADNOC’s esteemed board members, continuing to steer the course towards even greater achievements.

I firmly believe that success lies not only in seizing opportunities but also in creating them. The captivating quote that has accompanied me throughout this incredible voyage is: ‘The true captain is the one who charts their own destiny amidst the vast sea of possibilities.’

Together, we have turned dreams into reality, conquered uncharted waters, and left an indelible mark on the maritime world. Our journey continues, and I am eager to embark on new adventures, pushing boundaries, and setting sail towards even grander horizons towards a future brimming with endless possibilities!”


Zakher Marine was established in Abu Dhabi and ZMI continues to control its global operations from here.
ZMI reached a new accomplishment when they acquired Zakher PRINCE, a newly constructed vessel, and went on to include different vessel models to meet the demands of the market.
ZMI was awarded multiple classification certificates such as ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 & OHSAS 18001:2007.
Realm 1 was the first Barge inducted in the ZMI fleet.
ZMI secured a syndicated loan worth AED 420M from ADIB to expand their new building vessels program.
ZMI diversified its fleet by introducing the first jack-up accommodation barge, which allowed them to venture into a new market segment.
ZMI set up a new branch named Zakher Marine Saudi Company Limited in KSA, with the aim to bolster its impact in the GCC market through strategic expansion.
Structured, secured and closed $125 million long term Chinese Export Credit Agency facility supported by China Export and Credit Insurance Corporation “SINOSURE” for financing of three new build jack-up accommodation barges QMS Achiever, QMS Sentinel and QMS Gladiator. This is the first transaction of its kind in the region.
A period of significant expansion with ZMI adding several new Jack-Up Barges to its fleet.
ZMI was fully acquired by ADNOC Logistics and Services.


Exceptional Talent, Diverse Workforce and Crew Welfare

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