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Reliability is Necessary

Are you dealing with cost overrun due to unexpected maintenance issues?

Without a reliable offshore marine support partner, businesses risk dealing with costly delays that lead to lost profits, damaged customer relationships, and even the permanent closure of operations. The financial and reputational damage caused by such events can be hard to recover from.

Having a trusted and competent offshore marine support partner is essential to avoid such scenarios and deliver the necessary technical expertise and maintenance services that keep businesses running smoothly and efficiently.

Our Capabilities

A unified provider with innovative, comprehensive, and reliable offerings

Our key capabilities include

Rigless Well Services

Our Well Services offering provides wide-ranging solutions for the O&G industry. Our assets provide the platform to carry out specialist intervention and maintenance operations of offshore production and injection wells, ultimately increasing production rates and overall field productivity.

Greenfield Construction

We offer extensive installation, hook-up and commissioning support where offshore production platforms and associated infrastructure are concerned, incorporating all manner of heavy lifting scopes with the ability to install modules and structures up to 400mt in weight.

Brownfield Maintenance

We provide a wide variety of brownfield engineering and maintenance services. By modifying, repairing and upgrading existing infrastructure, we can support enhanced production and safely extend field life, maximizing the value of offshore assets over the short-to-medium term, ultimately delaying decommissioning.

P&A / Decommissioning

We can support / deliver P&A services from single well suspension to platform campaign well abandonment and decommissioning services, whether as a standalone service or as part of an integrated solution.

Offshore Renewables

Our Jack-up Barges offer a comprehensive range of services to support the engineering, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of offshore wind farms supplemented by their high accommodation capacity and lifting capabilities, as well as ability to work in harsh environment conditions globally.

Offshore Accommodation

Our Jack-up Barges offer the highest quality offshore accommodation for all our operations. Our units come in various sizes and configurations to accommodate our clients’ needs. The units are fully outfitted with amenities such as hotel-style accommodations, dining areas, recreation facilities, laundry services, and medical centres.

Subsea IRM / Diving Support

Our industry leading expertise, allied with enabling technology solutions, provide a wide range of IRM solutions utilizing our fleet of sophisticated diving support vessels. We offer total solutions for underwater inspection of seabed infrastructure including pipelines, risers, flowlines, and umbilical’s. We have a team of highly experienced professionals who are proficient in underwater engineering, saturation diving, welding, inspection, maintenance, and repairs.

Subsea Construction

Our subsea construction services provide comprehensive and reliable support for underwater engineering, ROV operations and light construction projects. With a team of highly experienced personnel, state-of-the-art technology, and a range of specialised vessels, we can offer expertly managed subsea construction solutions for all types of tasks.

Anchor Handling and Towing

Our Anchor handling services are comprehensive and reliable. We provide full-service mooring, towing and station keeping support for offshore installations. Our anchor handlers have the experience and expertise to handle a wide range of anchor handling activities such as deep-sea mooring, deploying anchors, re-positioning anchors, and recovering anchors.

Geo Survey Services

Our Geo Survey Services provide critical data and insights for the energy industry. We specialize in surveys of subsea features and seabed mapping, as well as bathymetric, seismic, hydrographic, geophysical, and geotechnical surveys.

Platform Supply Services

Used primarily for transporting essential equipment, dry and liquid consumables and additional manpower, our Platform Supply Vessels (PSV) range in length up to 65m. Versatile and reliable, these PSVs can also handle typical construction and maintenance tasks of standard offshore supply vessels.

Utility & Multi-Purpose Support Services

We provide offshore support vessels for a variety of services. These vessels are typically designed to accommodate a range of work scopes often with "plug and play" equipment. Designed as multi-role vessels for the O&G industry, these vessels provide supply support, as well as general construction & maintenance support. Secondary roles may include platform firefighting and cooling, anti-pollution oil dispersant spray operations as well as standby and rescue operations.


Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas

Enabling Energy Transition

We offer comprehensive, reliable and cost-effective offshore support solutions including technical, operational and project management services to help them stay ahead of the competition.

Engineering, Procurement and Construction

Engineering Procurement & Construction

Creating Efficient Operations

Our comprehensive, reliable and cost-effective offshore support solutions ensure the successful completion of projects with precision. No matter the challenge or complexity, we can handle it all.

Offshore Renewable Energy

Offshore Renewable Energy

Supporting Net Zero Coalition

We provide innovative construction services for the development of offshore wind farms. We have been instrumental in ensuring that these renewable energy sources are properly installed, to maximize their efficiency and minimize environmental impacts.

Our Fleet & Capabilities

Self-Propelled Jack-up Barges

Our Self-Propelled Jack-up Barges provide a stable platform for the delivery of a wide range of services and solutions to support our customers offshore including, but not limited to

Greenfield Construction – installation, hook-up and commissioning of offshore production platforms and associated infrastructure.

Brownfield maintenance – upgrading existing infrastructure, extending offshore asset life and integrity.

Rigless Well Intervention – both enhancing and sustaining production rates via a variety of techniques without the use of Jack-up drilling rigs.

P&A / Decommissioning – Well abandonment, and subsequent shut-in and removal of offshore assets requiring dismantling in-situ.

Pure play Accommodation – provision of dedicated, high quality mobile accommodation support services typically in combination with the services listed above.

Dynamic Positioning Offshore Support Vessels

We offer a wide range of services via our fleet of dynamically positioned (DP) Offshore Support Vessels, manned by experienced crews who specialize in providing the following offshore support services

Subsea Construction – Pipe lay, Cable Lay, Tie-Ins, Crossings Installation/free span correction, Risers/clamps/Boat landings.

Subsea (IRM) – Inspection, Repair, Maintenance of subsea pipelines, infrastructure and cable pipeline hydrotesting.

Greenfield EPCI project work – above-water (topside) hook up and commissioning / modification.

Diving / ROV support – saturation and/or air diving services, supporting construction and maintenance offshore in water depths less than 250m.

Anchor Handling / Towing – towing, handling & delivery of larger infrastructure such as offshore drilling rigs, supply barges and floating production platforms.

Platform Supply provision – PSVs used to re-supply existing production platforms with dry and liquid consumables as well as to support other offshore drilling assets.

Other specialist marine services – Utility, multi-purpose and geotechnical survey support vessels, salvage support, as well as full turnkey solutions for all support services listed above.

Offshore Renewable Energy

We offer a comprehensive range of services to support the engineering, installation, commissioning, and maintenance needs for Offshore Wind Farm (OWF) development and operation.

Transport and Installation (T&I) – transportation and installation of wind turbines and ancillary components offshore via our fleet of versatile Jack-up Barges.

Construction – provision of large POB accommodation and crane support for HVDC / offshore substation (OSS) commissioning.

Operation and Maintenance (O&M) – provision of accommodation and lifting services to support heavy workover of Wind Turbine Generators focusing on gearbox and blade changeout.

Geotechnical Investigation – a critical aspect involving the use of Monohull vessels and Jack-up Barges equipped with derricks to conduct boreholes as well as CPTs for lighter coring scopes.

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